CSO locations map

Work location map

location of site compound and CSO construction site

Work started on main construction works on the 3rd August 2020 and is now complete

Project Overview

There will be a site compound situated off the Water of Leith Walkway, just west of Woodhall House (see above map).  Diversions for pedestrians and cyclists will be required for the duration of the project - see below. We appreciate that the Water of Leith walkway is very busy with pedestrians, cyclists and horses all using it - we ask that people be careful and considerate of other walkway users.  There is signage through the site and we ask politely that everyone follows the advice.

There will be some tree removal required.  At the end of the project we will be carrying out some replanting where appropriate which will include planting native species trees and shrubs in place of felled trees, such as oak and hawthorn / blackthorn.

Information boards outlining details of these works can be found throughout the site

Pedestrian diversion route for site is shown below.  The green line shows the bypass route onto Lanark Road for the Water of Leith footpath with access to Woodhall Road shown in yellow. Construction areas are indicated by the brown areas.

Diversion route map