Reservoir Safety Video

In this short video, Peter Farrer, Chief Operating Officer at Scottish Water, explains the risks of drowning in reservoirs. We want people to enjoy Scotland's beautiful reservoirs and to be aware of the dangers of entering the water.

Act Responsibly Around Water

Here in Scotland we’re very lucky to have lots of beautiful reservoirs, rivers and lochs. They can be popular places for visitors - particularly when the sun is shining. We want everyone to enjoy these beauty spots safely and urge everyone to act responsibly and not take risks.

Reservoirs, rivers & lochs might appear very inviting for a quick cool down on a warm, sunny day but there are many hidden dangers that can’t be seen and the consequences can be fatal.

In 2019, 214 people lost their lives to unintentional drowning in the UK. That’s 214 people who didn’t make it back home to their families – 37 of them were in Scotland.*


*Source: National Water Safety Forum

Take Care Be Aware

If you're planning a visit to any of our reservoirs, or seeking information about group access, facilities, restrictions and best practice for boating and fishing, please read our 'Take Care Be Aware' Leaflet.

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Hidden Dangers

Please don’t go swimming or diving in any of our reservoirs – whatever the weather. The water might seem to be very calm but looks can be deceiving and there are many dangers:

  • Deep cold water can send your body into shock in seconds
  • Underwater pipework can trap you
  • Steep, slippery banks make it tricky to get back out of the water
  • Stone or concrete structures below and above the water can cause injury
  • Strong currents can challenge even the strongest of swimmers
  • Underwater plants such as reeds can trap you
  • Remote locations with poor or no mobile phone coverage, and lack of immediate assistance puts you at risk

One Last Breath video

Hard-hitting video from Welsh Water captures the dangers of swimming in a reservoir and shows the devastating consequences if those dangers are ignored.

Watch the video here

Useful Resources

There’s lots of great information about water safety from our partner agencies. Take a look:

Learn To Swim

Go Safe Scotland

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service



Outdoor Access Scotland

Police Scotland

Royal Life Saving Society Scotland

Water Safety Scotland


If you have any comments or concerns please contact our Customer Helpline on 0800 0778 778.