The unmetered household charges are based on the Council Tax Band for your home.  

For 2018/19 the increase in household Combined Services charges from what you paid last year is again being limited to 1.6% across all Council Tax bands. 

The unmetered household charges in Scotland which will apply from 1 April 2018 until 31 March 2019 are as follows: 

Council Tax Band  Water Supply Waste Water Collection   Combined Services  Change in Combined Bill for 17/18
 A  £134.94  £156.66  £291.60  £4.56
 B  £157.43  £182.77  £340.20  £5.32
 C  £179.92  £208.88  £388.80  £6.08
 D  £202.41  £234.99  £437.40  £6.84
 E  £247.39  £287.21  £534.60  £8.36
 F  £292.37  £339.43  £631.80  £9.88
 G  £337.35  £391.65  £729.00  £11.40
 H  £404.82  £469.98  £874.80  £13.68

These charges apply to every household which has a connection to the public water supply, the public waste water network, or both.

Your water and waste water charges will be shown on your Council Tax bill, even if you receive Council Tax Reduction. Some Council Tax exemptions and discounts will also apply to these charges, such as single occupancy or if you are a student.  

If your property has been altered to meet the needs of a disabled person, you may be entitled to a Disabled Banding Reduction on the charges you pay for your property.

Your local Council bills and collects these charges on our behalf and you can find details of how to pay on your Council Tax bill. Please contact your local Council for further information and help with payment options.

Important: If you receive Council Tax Reduction

Even if you are in receipt of full Council Tax Reduction you must still pay a water and waste water charge for the services that you have at your home. However you will receive a reduction of up to 25% on the unmetered household charges shown in the table above.

If you are in a household that receives Council Tax Reduction but no other status discount, such as single occupancy, you will receive a reduction of up to 25% of your water and waste water charges. In these situations householders that receive 100% Council Tax Reduction support and therefore have no Council Tax to pay, will still need to pay 75% of the full water and waste water charges.

If your household receives Council Tax Reduction and a status discount, your water and waste water charges will only be based on the status discount.

Your water and waste water charges will be shown on the Council Tax bill that you will receive from your local Council, even if you do not need to pay any Council Tax, so please look out for this when your bill arrives.

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