***Project Update - August 2020*** 

The remaining works to upgrade the water mains in Balerno will resume on Monday 24th August for approximately 3 months.

The work includes installing the water main across the bridge on Bridge Road, connecting the new main to the existing mains at Main Street and Sommerville Road and transferring services and other connections from the existing mains to the new main on Bridge Road and Lanark Road West. There will be some traffic disruption during this time and temporary lights will be in use.

There will be some interruptions to supply but we will give at least 48 hours’ notice before hand and bottled water will be provided to any vulnerable customers. Finally, we will be abandoning the existing mains. 

Please be assured that we will ensure good hygiene, social distancing and other appropriate measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 are in place on site before work begins.

This work is being carried out my MacKenzie Construction Ltd, on behalf of Scottish Water Horizons.

Overview of work:

We are installing a new pipe along Bridge Road and Lanark Road West to improve the water supply to customers in nearby areas now and in the future.


Balerno map

During the project we will be working from the from the roundabout at the south end of Bridge Road, up to Lanark Road West and travelling eastbound to the junction with Sommerville Road. 

To minimise disruption the work will take place in 100 metre sections and the traffic lights will be manually controlled during peak hours. The team will also be taking advantage of the longer summer days by working longer hours in an effort to complete the project as quickly as possible.

Once the pipe has been laid, we will have to carry out further works along the route of the pipeline to connect customers to the new supply. 

The new 700 metre long, 250mm diameter plastic pipe replaces a 60 year old cast iron pipe which has come to the end of its serviceable life and is the source of low pressure issues in nearby areas.  

We will be updating this page regularly with our progress.