If your non-household premises is receiving services from us, you need to pay for those services through a Licensed Provider (LP).

Sometimes a property that is receiving services has not been registered correctly, and is consequently not being charged. This is called a gap site.

When we identify a gap site, we send a letter outlining the steps that will be taken to register the premises for charges.

You will have 15 business days from the letter issue date to choose an LP and request to become their customer. If the LP accepts, they will then contact Scottish Water to complete the registration process. A full list of Licensed Providers is available at Scotland on Tap. You can request to change your LP at a later date.  

If you already have an LP, you should get in touch with them and quote the reference number on the letter. 

It is possible that the letter is about another service or part of your premises that you’re not currently paying for. Your LP will be able to liaise with Scottish Water to clarify whether all services are already correctly registered and, if appropriate, stop the process.

Having a meter is the fairest way to charge you for the services you use. We may visit your business to see if we can install a meter at your premises and where the best place would be for it.